When Do You Need an Air Conditioner Chemical Wash?

air conditioner chemical wash

Your air conditioner's long-term performance depends on frequent maintenance. If you're going to keep your air conditioner in excellent working order, you'll need to clean it on a regular basis.

Although regular maintenance may help remove dirt from your air conditioner's condenser, filer, and evaporator coils, it may not be as efficient at removing the muck that has built up over time.

Using the wrong cleaning methods might also result in serious harm to the internal parts. When this happens, you'll require an aircon servicing chemical wash or a complete replacement.

What Is A Chemical Wash for the Air Conditioning System?

A chemical wash of your air conditioning unit may be recommended by your air conditioning expert if it still fails to blow cold air or takes a long time to chill your room after cleaning the ducts.

After disassembling the system and cleaning every component (compressor, filter, condenser, etc.), you may do an air conditioner chemical wash. The air conditioner's interior piping is also flushed with a chemical solution during the cleaning process. Acids and sticky debris are removed from the air conditioning components as a result of this. The cost of chemical cleaning and other air conditioning treatments may be found here.

Cleaning your air conditioner's interior components using chemicals is called "washing". The evaporator coils, condenser, and air filters of your air conditioner would be dismantled first. Afterward, the pieces are immersed in a chemical solution to remove any remaining debris and caustic acid.

It is possible to use the chemical wash to remove any remaining algae or sludge from the drainage pipes.

Is it necessary to use a chemical cleaner to clean my air conditioning system?

One of the most essential services for HVAC systems is chemical cleaning. On a regular basis, cleaning might assist in eliminating some of the undesired particles. Even so, there is a significant amount of hazardous muck that has built up over time in the components.

The gunk that is hard to remove and may cause significant damage to your air conditioner's interior components might compromise its performance and functionality. As a result, chemical cleaning of your air conditioner is recommended at least once every six months.

You should clean your air conditioner chemically at least once a year.

Chemical air conditioner cleaning is always recommended. However, the frequency of cleaning depends on how frequently the unit is used. In general, half-yearly, once a year, and once a year are the most common intervals of time.

Is It Dangerous To Use A Chemical Wash On An Air Conditioner?

In addition to extending the life of an air conditioner, using chemical wash cleaning results in cleaner air, which is better for your health. An expert must be hired because of the specialised training and equipment needed to do this task successfully. The chemical wash, contrary to popular perception, is a safe and effective method for maintaining an air conditioner. This saves you a lot of money in the long run on maintenance and repairs.

What are the benefits of using a chemical washing service instead?

1.Cleaner And Clearer Air

Your air conditioner's components are completely cleaned when you have a chemical wash done on it. Consequently, your air conditioner will produce cleaner air than before.

This keeps the air in your house clean and fresh, preventing your family from developing respiratory or health issues as a result of poor indoor air quality.

2. Reduced Chance of Mishaps

Frequent cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning machine prevents faults caused by malfunctioning components or accumulated grime.

In addition to reducing water loss, a chemical wash will also minimise condensation. This keeps your air conditioner in excellent working order and saves you hundreds in repair expenses.

3. Improved performance

Your air conditioning unit will run more efficiently if you clean out the dirt and debris that has accumulated over time in your unit's ventilation system.

Your air conditioner will chill your space more quickly and more effectively as a result. As a result, you'll spend less money on electricity and on air conditioner maintenance and repair.

Your air conditioner will work more efficiently, and your room will heat up faster, thanks to the elimination of any obstruction or clogging. You might save hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars in power costs by switching to chemical washing.

The Fundamentals of Chemical Washing

Air conditioning fan-coil units are thoroughly cleaned in an air conditioning chemical wash. When a simple cleaning of the air conditioner fails to improve the situation, the chemical liquid is often used.

Chemical-based cleaners are used to remove the air conditioner and clean its components, such as fan coils, water trays, and filtration systems.

If you've had mould in your system, this may help get rid of it by flushing it out with water.

During the chemical wash, the following tasks will be performed:

  • Clear the air filter, front panel, and lid of debris.
  • Purification and deodorization of the filter
  • Cleaning and inspecting the indoor evaporator coils
  • The cleaning and examination of indoor drainage trays.
  • Vacuuming the drains
  • Preventative maintenance of fan bearings and fluids (if necessary)
  • Observing the compressor's suction and exhaust pressures.
  • Tightening of electrical contacts
  • In order to clean various surfaces, use multiple chemical-based cleansers.
  • Use a specially formulated sanitising combination.

How Do I Tell If My Air Conditioner Needs a Chemical Cleanse?

No Cold Air

A condenser and a fan coil are two parts of an air conditioner.. You'll need to use chemicals to clean the air conditioner's condenser if these two are dirty. With everyday use, dust and filth accumulate in air conditioners, reducing their effectiveness and resulting in the production of heated air.

1. Air Conditioner Leak

Everyone's worst dread may be that of their air conditioner leaking. Chemical cleaning is necessary to maintain air conditioner hygiene and cleanliness. This is what occurs when the drainage line is obstructed, and there is a backflow.

2. The Foul Smell of Air Conditioning

Because of the high humidity, air conditioners in Singapore are breeding grounds for germs and mould. This is a good time to do an air conditioner chemical cleaning since the odour is so strong.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Air Conditioner Chemically Cleaned?

If you don't need to dismantle the whole air conditioner, you may expect to pay between $85 and $100 for a chemical air conditioner cleaning that does not need it. The cost might rise from $150 to $200 if the fan coils, electrical controls, and other elements of the air conditioner are dismantled for chemical washing.

How Much Does an Aircon Chemical Cleaning Cost in Singapore?

Aircon chemical is simply the use of a specific detergent to clean your air conditioner and remove 99.999 percent of microorganisms. Using chemicals to clean a house costs, on average, $150 per cleaning session. Additional fees and pricing may be found here.


Air conditioner chemical washing removes contaminants like mould, allowing the system to create cleaner air. A chemical overhaul procedure improves air conditioning performance by replacing worn-out components. Your air conditioner should be chemically washed and overhauled on a regular basis to preserve its long-term viability.

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