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Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair and Servicing


Living in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, constant running of air conditioners is necessary. The discomfort without it will not allow you to stick to your routine properly, in your workplace or the house.

Since the air conditioning units will be running nearly all the time, malfunctions and wear and tear are going to be common place especially if you do not service and clean your aircon unit regularly.


Choose the Best Air Conditioner Repair Singapore Has to Offer


Long periods of time without servicing and cleaning can cause dust and grime to accumulate in the airways and filters that will reduce the air conditioner efficiency and also reduce the quality of the air you are getting. Such problems will compound, causing your ac unit to work harder for better output and consume more power, heating and causing system malfunctions.

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner, you should get it checked by a servicing professional at the earliest and get a diagnosis of the problem. You should not bear a sub-par aircon unit and make yourself and your company or family go through the discomfort and contact a technician for inspection and troubleshooting.

At dc aircon we have experienced and qualified technicians that inspect and diagnose malfunctioning aircon units thoroughly and with efficiency, making sure your aircon unit is up to the standard you require. Dc aircon provides the best air conditioner repair Singapore needs and appreciates the service of.


Know When It's Time to Call DCAircon Technician


Here are some identifiers that your air conditioner unit may be showing, that are signs for you to call in a technician and be ready to have repair services called in.


1. AC Doesn’t Cool or Takes a Long Time

If you notice a larger than usual delay in the time it takes for your ac to start and cool down your room, then you should call DCAircon for an inspection, as ac units age, they lose their power and take longer and provide a lower output. If the problem persists and increases, then you should suspect something is wrong with the unit whether it be a lack of servicing or a malfunction, or damage.


2. Unprompted Shutdowns

If your ac unit keeps shutting down on its own, you need to call in a technician as early as possible. Damaged condensers, poor wiring, and a dirty evaporator unit may be the cause behind it.


3. Water Leakage

This is a common and major issue with damaged aircon units. Many reasons could be leading to this leakage and they will probably not be privy to the owners. Calling in a DC Aircon technician to inspect and troubleshoot is necessary as continued leakage is not only frustrating but can cause molds and fungus to grow on the unit or the adjoining walls causing more problems.


4. Not Turning On at All

If your aircon unit does not work at all after turning it on then you need to get a technician to handle the issue and see what is wrong. The problem may be with the electrical components like a blown fuse or circuit breaker, or it could be a problem with a damaged confessor or thermostat. Dust may be lodged inside after a period of no cleaning.


5. Spiked Electric Bill

If you notice a drastic increase in your electric bill without having installed any new machinery or appliances, then it is likely your aircon unit is malfunctioning and needs an inspection and servicing. With age, air-con units deteriorate and low freon levels cause it to consume more energy to give the desired temperature output. Dc air conditioner repair Singapore can help you with our well-qualified technicians running all possible diagnostics for your problem.


6. Warm Air Output

If your aircon unit is blowing out noticeably warmer or hot air then you have a damaged thermostat or condenser at your hands. Dirty filters and a lack of cleaning and maintenance can also cause this.


7. Reduced Airflow

If the output airflow has considerably decreased for your aircon unit you are in need of repair services. A faulty fan motor, filter, air duct, or evaporator coil can be behind this problem. Only an Aircon expert can rectify it


8. Foul Smell

If your aircon suddenly starts stinking (a smell like a seepage, mold, and moist humid spaces) then you need cleaning services pronto. A clogged drain and dirty filters can cause the odor and rise to other problems if left unattended for long.


9. Ice Accumulation

70% of aircon services are for people with frozen-up aircon units. There are various culprits to the building of ice in your aircon unit and it is crucial that you have a technician look at your unit and troubleshoot.


10. Noise

Your aircon can generate a variety of annoying sounds that are not signs that your unit is running ok. They all have different causes and you should make haste and get a technician to see what is behind the noise and fix it.


What to do in An Emergency?


Air conditioner repair Singapore is a common service and your problems will probably not be unique to the technicians. While it is best to call technicians in and leave the prodding and probing to professionals, here is what you can do to help yourself.

Check the circuit breaker and mains supply as your aircon might have tripped the circuit breaker and turned it off, this is the first step in any aircon inspection. Refrain from taking apart your ac unit. Please do not disassemble the aircon on your own, you can cause damage to expensive parts of the aircon that may require replacing afterward.

Call a qualified technician at your earliest. Aircon malfunction is usually an emergency for any household and office building so you should not wait to call in DC Aircon for help.