With more than 10 years experience on aircon service line.

Why Should You Choose DC Aircon?

Just as you select the best brand for installing your air conditioner at your home or office, it is equally important to choose a reliable and esteemed aircon service providers. We assure top-notch quality services in order to ensure longevity to your air conditioning systems and best comfort possible.

When you choose us, you are assured of a wide range of aircon services and the guarantee of always enjoying a smooth and silent airflow through our aircon cleaning and repair services.

Get complete range of Best Aircon servicing with DC Aircon:

Normal Service: 

We provide basic aircon servicing in order to enhance the performance of your aircon unit without creating any discomfort to your routine. Our technician will check the problems if there are any regarding the unusual noise, cooling or water and gas leakage.

Chemical Servicing:

This aircon cleaning service is done when there is a leakage of water any point or an issue of bad odor. Chemical wash will be done with the careful and a complete overhaul of your air conditioner. It is a magnificent way to bring a new life to your aircon units. The technicians will dismantle fan coils, water trays and air filters and then will wash them with a chemical-based solution. This process will make your aircon unit getting rid of unwanted dust and dirt and will give you much enhanced cooling experience.

General Servicing:

We provide installations and repair or maintenance services for all kinds of units from portable to wall or ceiling units. Our technical experts provide services to Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Suspend and Ceiling Ducted units too.

Aircon Overhaul:   

Chemical overhaul is used as a process of aircon repairs or aircon servicing. Unlike chemical washing, aircon overhaul includes aircon cleaning, aircon repairing or replacing of all the parts that are dismantled. The aircon overhaul helps in getting rid of any blockage of water flow or airflow due to dust or toxic junk. We can know if the air filters and fan bearings are needed to be replaced. Aircon overhaul can help to perk up the life of your aircon unit with our quality aircon servicing.   

Hassle free Aircon servicing for Professionals/ Corporates: 

We also provide flexibility to the corporates and professionals to provide aircon servicing at their locations or our with transportation facility. As we said we understand our customers and we are dedicated in providing the best customer experience to all our customers.

Get in touch with us now to get your queries resolved or to know more about our aircon servicing packages and prices.

Aircon Service Providers

Operating: Monday - Saturday

Working Hours: 9am – 5.30pm 
Contact us for fast reply.

Specialist on all type air-con

Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG, Fujitsu, Carrier, Sanyo, Sharp and etc.

Terms & Conditions

  • Appointment after peak hour will incur $50 overtime charges from the full amount.
  • Payment settle by Cash or Cheque only.
  • Payment must settle on site.

Air conditioning Service & Maintenance

Aircon servicing

Ceiling Cassette

Aircon cleaning

Ceiling Suspend

Aircon repair

Ceiling Ducted

Normal Service

Ad Hoc Servicing

Wall Mount Unit / Fan Coil Unit

  • 1 unit – $40
  • 2 unit – $70
  • 3 & above – $30 per unit

Chemical Service

Ad Hoc Servicing

  • Per unit – $80

** 1 month warranty after servicing

Ceiling Cassette , Ceiling Suspend , Ceiling Ducted  (General Servicing)

  • 1 unit - $50
  • 2 Unit - $80
  • 3 & above - $30 per unit

Chemical Overhaul

Ad Hoc Servicing

(FCU Unit 9000 BTU - 12000 BTU)

  • 1 unit – $150
  • 3 & above – $120 per unit

(FCU Unit 18000 BTU - 26000 BTU)

  • 1 Unit - $180

** 3 month warranty after servicing

Other Professional Services


  • On site quotation and transport charges – $50

Refrigerant Charge

  • R22 – $30 ~ $80
  • 410A – $80 ~ $150

Specialist on all type air con (Installation, Repair and Maintenance)

  • Water/Gas leakage
  • Air not cold
  • Air-condition not functioning
  • Air con On & Off randomly
  • Weird sound from air con


    Do note that there will be a +$10 for city and ERP area