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In the tropical heat of Singapore, you will find a blissful peace and comfort when you are in front or around an air conditioner. The air conditioning is all about providing sublime level of indoor comfort that we, the people of Singapore, need at our homes or offices. The air conditioning can serve you well if you treat it well with the best possible installation, servicing, repair and maintenance when needed.

DC Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is a prominent presence in the market of aircon servicing in Singapore. We provide unmatched aircon services to customers in Singapore for more than 10 years in all locations. We understand different needs of our customers so we are having a wide array of aircon services up our sleeves, ranging from normal service to aircon overhaul. You name it, we’ll do it and we are the specialists that your Air Conditioner needs!

Our fully accredited team is having expertise and reliability in aircon servicing for all brands and this is the core reason why we are having good customer retention history with us. We will meet all of your aircon installation and aircon servicing requirements for different projects scaling from small residential to major industrial projects.

Get in touch with us today to get the most competitive quotes along with the best aircon servicing and cleaning in Singapore. We guarantee to give you the best quote for aircon services available in the market to make you happy with our pricing and quality of service. We assure top-notch quality aircon cleaning and repair services in order to ensure longevity to your air conditioning systems and best comfort possible.

Living in Singapore's harshly humid and hot climate, you need a working air conditioning system to survive. It is impossible to properly work, live and grow in such harsh weather conditions without assistance from comfort technology. But the problem with Aircon of all kinds is that it sometimes breaks down, needs fixing and maintenance.

That's where we come in with the best air conditioning service you could get. We at DC Aircon provide the best, economical Aircon maintenance and Aircon cleaning Singapore wants and appreciates. If you are looking for a service to help you install, manage, fix, repair, or clean your aircon unit, then you've landed at the right place.

We run thorough checkups of every component of your aircon unit to ensure the best working capacity. With complete chemical and water washing and cleaning, maintain the health standards of your air filters, so you have a safe and working air conditioning system providing cool air for you at all times. 

Aircon units usually need annual checkups and cleaning in temperate regions before the heat waves start. Still, in Singapore, they are a year-round utility due to which the frequency of their maintenance is high. We will provide for you thorough, reliable, and quality maintenance and aircon cleaning Singapore residents need. We trust in our client-building skills that you will be satisfied with our service.

We cater to almost every brand of aircon unit that you may have like Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic, LG and provide state-of-the-art services for aircon cleaning (filters, vents, and windows), for system maintenance and repair of worn-out units or damaged parts. We will ensure that your aircon has a speedy recovery and is back to blowing cool air to save you from the heat in no time.

Are you looking for a speedy aircon cleaning Singapore heat requires or did your aircon unit suddenly break down, leaving you to the hot and sticky air of the outside? Look no further because help is right here at the best air-conditioning service at DC Aircon, guaranteed to make you feel the cool, comforting blasts of blissful air from your aircon in no time.

We cater to air-conditioning systems of all scales with our highly efficient technicians and management team, whether it be a minor nuisance of your home aircon, a routine checkup for your air-conditioning system, or a massive malfunction in the aircon at your workplace. We will be there to assist and alleviate all your air conditioner-related problems and worries and see to it that you don't have to endure the heat for long. At DC Aircon, we make sure you get the best air conditioning service only through the most experienced and qualified aircon technicians.


In Need of Aircon Repair or Cleaning Services?


Contact us for the best quotes in the market and enjoy our quick and efficient aircon services at an economical rate that our customers appreciate. Our high client retention rates will surely convince you to choose the best for the health and longevity of your aircon systems because of our top-notch servicing and repair.

Our Services

servicesNormal Services
Keep your aircon clean
  • »Clean up water tray
  • »Clear fan blower
  • »Wash the Coil
  • »Clear the drain pipe
  • »Wash the Filter
servicesChemical Services
Remove Odor, Bacteria and Dirt
  • »Use of Chemical Solution
  • »Clean the water tray
  • »Clear fan blower
  • »Wash the Coil
  • »Clear drain pipe
  • »Wash the Filter
servicesChemical Overhaul Services
Remove Odor, Bacteria & Dirt THOROUGHLY
  • »Dismantle the whole indoor unit.
  • »Use Chemical Solution
  • »Clean the water tray
  • »Clear fan blower
  • »Wash the Coil
  • »Clear drain pipe
  • »Wash the Filter

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