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Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price in Singapore

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(FCU Unit 9000 BTU - 12000 BTU)

(FCU Unit 18000 BTU - 26000 BTU)

** 3 month warranty after servicing

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

Due to age and constant neglect of regular servicing many air conditioners deteriorate to the point of malfunctioning that normal servicing does not bring restore their proper functionality. The process of chemical overhauling cleans, inspects, and reinvigorates the aircon unit and brings it back to optimum performance. Aircon chemical overhaul price is a good bargain in the long term as it prevents the need for frequent major repair works such as water leakages of the complete busting up of the aircon unit that will lead for it to be replaced.

What Exactly is a Chemical Overhaul?

As the name suggests, this method of chemical aircon cleaning is the most comprehensive and thorough servicing facility any company can provide you with. The entire unit is dismantled and washed thoroughly with a chemical-based detergent usually sodium hydroxide. This removes grime, dirt, grease, and dust accumulation over the years in one fine swoop and makes sure that your aircon parts are fresh as new and work with their previous brand new vigor and efficiency.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price versus Benefits

What chemical overhaul basically does is like factory reset for an aircon unit, restoring it in part to its former fine self. The individual parts have been washed clean of all dirt and friction-causing substances and the airflow is unobstructed which provides for better air output and temperature control.

Due to internal malfunction and reduced efficiency, aircon units start to consume more power while giving a lesser output. A chemical overhaul will make sure such malfunctions are unlikely to occur and will reduce your utility bill in the long run.

An annual chemical overhaul will be like a renewal for your aircon unit and make sure that no permanent damage remains or an accumulation of dust reduces the lifespan of the individual parts. You can be sure to trust your aircon will blow cold air for you for a long time with regular care of this intensity.

Dirty and unwashed filters can be a home for bacteria and other allergens and pathogens which over time start to infect and reduce the air quality of the air that you receive. Skin allergies and some respiratory problems can arise due to this so be sure to have a chemical wash-up of your filters.

Reduced efficiency can cause an increase in the internal condensation of the aircon unit which will inevitably result in water leakage and cause more problems. Have a chemical overhaul done to make sure that the efficiency is not reduced below a standard level.

Here is What We do in a Chemical Overhaul

Since this is a thorough and more in-depth method of servicing than a normal wash. The aircon has to be taken apart but only by the best-qualified technicians that we have.

Give Your Air Condition a New Life with Chemical Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul price may seem more to owners compared to regular servicing but it Is vastly lower than buying a new aircon due to the failure of getting proper servicing for the previous one. It reduces your bills, increases the lifespan of the unit, and saves cost on usual monthly wash-ups.

Misconceptions About the Chemical Overhaul

Even though it Is a fairly common service, many people think that alternatives for this exist however that is misinformation.

The process is quite thorough and it makes people think they can have it done sparingly and save money. However to actually receive the best results from a chemical overhaul and better output from your aircon unit you need to have it done twice a year for neglected and old aircon units. You can have it done once annually only if you regularly service and wash your aircon.

Due to the involvement of a corrosive chemical, people believe their aircon fan coil will be damaged however that is not the case. On the contrary, if you fail o get a chemical overhaul done, your col will have a dust coating causing friction and heat buildup and the residual debris will make it lose optimum function. A chemical overhaul will ensure that the surface is clean of all impurities and the coil rotates cool air quickly and properly.

People believe that a usual, routine washing is enough for aircon however that is also untrue because a normal wash is done only at the surface level and to the very crucial parts of the unit. It does not penetrate inner portions and is also a weaker form of washing that may not be able to remove dust and oil from tricky small places.