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Commercial Aircon Servicing Singapore

Having an air conditioning system is crucial and a necessity for any office or firm in Singapore. The heat and humidity will reduce the productivity of your workers and all departments.

We Guarantee excellent repair service.

DC Aircon provides trusted, guaranteed commercial aircon servicing Singapore that firms appreciate and make good use of. We provide maintenance, repair, and other services with our highly qualified and experienced professionals. We use our trusted client base to improve our Singapore aircon services and employ research and modern and innovative methods to enhance our service and provide the best commercial air conditioning servicing Singapore needs.

We support almost all the brands that your firm may use. Industrial and commercial air conditioning system maintenance and repair are complicated and rather large tasks that we put only the best people up to.

Commercial air conditioner repair Singapore is called upon when your AC unit is not functioning properly. Perhaps a fuse blew and it won’t turn on, or the fan coil choked and it will no longer blow out cold air. In this case, you need to call in a qualified technician for diagnostics and troubleshooting. DC Aircon has qualified personnel available for inspections and troubleshooting that will ensure that your air conditioning system is back to optimum functionality in no time, so you can resume operations.

Our commercial aircon servicing Singapore: Maintenance and Repair

Here is a list of commercial air conditioning types that we provide maintenance repair facilities as a Singapore aircon service:

This air conditioning unit is used for central cooling and is placed in a central location in the building to blow a lot of cold air and distribute it evenly within the building. Its design makes it out of sight and hearing and more efficient in cooling in a well-ventilated location. It requires regular maintenance as do all air conditioning units, but more so as its shutting down means the whole building will have to bear the heat and humidity of the Singaporean weather.

This air conditioning type saves electricity costs by connecting up to nine indoor units, unlike the split AC, which has one outdoor and one indoor unit. It divides into different zones and allows the office to install multiple units without using up too much space or having special rooms made for them. These require regular maintenance as well, especially outdoor units, as malfunctions will obstruct air cooling in multiple areas of the building.

This has two units. The outdoor area remains free of obstruction and elemental exposure. While the indoor unit is mounted inside the ceiling and regulates and distributes cold air across large rooms. This is an ideal system for low-ceiling rooms, as it is less bulky than split ACs. They require regular checkups to keep the filters clean and the rotating mills inside distributing cold air evenly throughout the area.

These are two names for an essentially similar design of ACs but with different brands holding rights to them. Like Daiken, VRV holds copyrights. These highly efficient systems use their small size and high power to give a great output with lesser energy consumption. Servicing them requires visits and inspections of the setup at your firm. Their regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep their efficiency at its optimum.

Why Should You Get Commercial aircon servicing Singapore?

It is advised to get your AC unit serviced at least once a year, but this standard should be increased for firms with more activity and more AC units.

In routine checkups of our commercial air conditioning units serving Singapore, we thoroughly inspect all your air conditioning units from top to bottom and ensure optimal conditions and output from them. Surface-level maintenance and cleaning are included. Regular checkups will ensure that no major damage ever goes unnoticed and save you from emergency mass breakdowns and expensive air conditioning replacements.

If you do not opt for regular checkups and maintenance inspections, then you should definitely invest in air conditioning cleaning services to prevent a mass malfunction and ensure the longevity of your AC units. There are two types of air conditioning cleaning services available. Chemical cleaning is necessary at least once a year, especially for commercial units that have to work throughout the working hours and days. The filters and major parts of the air conditioning unit receive a sharp cleaning with this method. The other option is chemical overhaul cleaning, which is a more thorough cleaning service in which the whole unit is dismantled and all the individual parts are thoroughly cleaned with a chemical-based detergent.

Here are some reasons you should get the commercial Singapore air conditioning service firms need:


Maintenance pays for itself and saves you money in major air conditioning replacement costs and urgent repairs and fixes in the case of mass breakdowns.

A working and proper air conditioning system will build your brand's image and attract clients and employees to your firm, as every aspect of the building will be judged by the public. Commercial air conditioning servicing in Singapore must be invested in if a comfortable work environment is to be advertised.

A good, functioning air conditioning system will boost productivity and help employees speed up work and operations, as a comfortable work environment is a productive one. Happy employees mean happy success.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing in Singapore?

In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, commercial air conditioners play an essential role in maintaining a comfortable working environment. Just like all other equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively. Commercial air conditioning servicing in Singapore offers numerous benefits, including a prolonged lifespan of the air conditioner, minimized energy bills, and improved indoor air quality.

Regular maintenance, performed by an Air Conditioning Servicing Singapore professional, can help identify and repair any potential issues with the air conditioning system before they become costly. Aircon Servicing Singapore will help in expanding the lifespan of the unit and preventing unexpected breakdowns, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

When your air conditioning unit is properly serviced by a Singapore aircon service, it can also save money on energy bills by operating at peak efficiency. Dirt and debris buildup in the system can cause it to work harder, resulting in higher energy consumption and increased costs. Aircon servicing chemical wash ensures the system is running efficiently, minimizing energy consumption and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons that you should service your aircon unit. Below we are mentioning:

  • Regular maintenance will ensure the air conditioning unit functions effectively.
  • It provides clean and healthy air to the employees of your company.
  • Quality air circulating in your office means it's free from germs and bacteria.
  • It will also help you save on utility bills.

So, for commercial air conditioning, always have the air conditioner serviced.

It's recommended that the AC be serviced at least once per year. If possible, the companies should have serviced their commercial air conditioning twice a year. The annual air conditioner service ensures the system keeps up with the potential for better work efficiency and durability.
Basically, the prices of commercial air conditioner servicing in Singapore are based on the type of system, number of units, and size. It also depends on what you need to do and how many units are available in the building.

There are numerous reasons why your air conditioner is not providing adequate cooling. Below, we are mentioning the reasons:

  • Due to dirty filters
  • The temperature is set too high.
  • Because of a faulty thermostat
  • Not enough compressor gas is available.
  • Due to refrigerant leakage

These are the main reasons your air conditioner is not cooling the area. In this case, you should contact Commercial & Office Aircon Servicing Singapore!