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Normal Aircon Servicing at DC Aircon

In the weather of Singapore, having a functioning aircon is not a luxury but rather a necessity. However, without proper maintenance and servicing your aircon unit is likely to malfunction and consume power. The constant repair works will finally lead to a complete shutdown and you will be forced to buy a new unit. This is all too heavy for your pocket. DC Aircon guarantees the best Aircon servicing price Singapore has seen. Don’t delay, get your Aircon serviced today.

What is Included in Normal Servicing?

With DC Normal aircon servicing, we provide you with the best of our experiences and qualified technicians to have routine checkups, tune ups and inspections of your aircon units to make sure they work at the optimum level at all times and no damage goes unnoticed to create a bigger problem later.

Your aircon unit will inevitably become weaker over time but with routine servicing you can get the most out of it and get your money’s worth. Normal aircon servicing entails the routine procedures of servicing namely; servicing, inspection and mild repair.

Our team of qualified technicians will troubleshoot and inspect keenly all the aspects of your aircon and give a detailed report of any and all issues that might require your attention. We make sure that all operation runs smoothly and your aircon lasts you a good number of years.

AC Maintenance

With our maintenance services at regular intervals, you can be sure that you will not have to call us in emergencies. You and your family or office can enjoy year-round uninterrupted comfort while our experienced technicians inspect your aircon, do minor fixing and top-ups so no major damage can occur and the aircon runs smoothly.

AC Repair

Your aircon might suffer some damage in some of its arts like the fan motor, thermostat, and coil due to wear and tear mishandling, or a lack of regular servicing. DC aircon service specialists will troubleshoot your aircon, insect it and fix any damaged parts or replace ones that need replacement. Your damaged aircon will be salvaged and continue to provide you with comfort.

When Should You Get Normal Aircon Servicing?

You should call in for help and set up a servicing appointment if you see the following happening frequently or out of the blue.

Spike in utility bills. This is due to the parts being so worn out and the aircon having to work harder to cool down air because of its internal friction and heat.

Random shutdowns. If your aircon malfunctions and shuts down without a reason, you may have a mild to big problem at your hands and need a technician to come and see what is the fault.

Hot air outflow. There is some serious damage if our aircon is blowing out warm air instead of cold air and a service session may be long overdue for it. You should get in touch with your servicing company and have them take a look at your earliest.

Water buildup. If your aircon condenses a lot of after on its surface and that has become a nuisance, you should get it serviced to check if the thermostat and condenser are aright and if the filters are damaged or not.

Aircon servicing price Singapore can afford Even with the large demand and use for aircon, people pay little heed to their servicing and maintenance and that causes untimely problems and inconveniences that later on cost you time as well as money and comfort.

With DC aircon you can be sure to have all our aircon worries removed. With our aircon servicing price, Singapore can rejoice and enjoy the luxury of cooled air and not fret about replacement and damage to their aircon units as we take care of them in the best possible way and maintain their efficiency.

Seeing how commonly the service is required, DC aircon works at aircon servicing price Singapore can avail without being a burden on their pockets

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