What Are The Top Reasons To Choose Aircon Chemical Wash?

aircon chemical wash servicing

The fan coil unit should be removed from the wall where the air conditioner is mounted in order to properly clean the interior of the air conditioner. And you can do that by disassembling and cleaning each component of the fan coil one at a time.

Despite the time and work involved, it is crucial to conduct an aircon servicing chemical wash since they represent the right and appropriate approach to cleaning the fan coil and guarantee that it will function well.

Chemical washing involves thoroughly cleaning the filters, fans, and coils of your air conditioning unit using a specific chemical-based solution that will also disinfect it.

Our extensive and complete chemical wash and aircon repair Singapore, which should be performed at least once a year, will increase the health and durability of your cooling system.

Top 5 Reasons To Conduct An Aircon Chemical Wash:

Cleaning technique that works:

Following the best practices for the chemical wash enables us to individually apply chemical cleaning to each of the soiled parts of your fan coil. Additionally, it makes it simple to apply chemicals to all the filth, grit, and debris lodged in the blower and between the evaporator coil's fins.

We can easily remove the dirt and oil with water once the chemical solution has cut through their layers. By washing each component of the fan coil separately, we can fully rinse away all of the chemicals that were utilized throughout the cleaning procedure.

As a result, we can make sure that every internal portion of the fan coil is extremely clean and free of any impurities, in addition to the air filter.

The fan coil is guaranteed to be thoroughly clean and free of debris after completing this whole process. Since a clean fan coil may lower the amount of energy used by the air conditioner, a thorough cleaning technique is essential. It also makes it possible for the air conditioner to produce cleaner, fresher air.

Possibility to inspect for damaged parts and components:

The air conditioning professional has the chance to inspect for damaged or loose parts when disassembling and reassembling the fan coil components. When reassembling the fan coil, the air conditioning expert must make sure that any loose parts are tightened because they might make the air conditioner noisy.

The air conditioning professional must also ensure that the air conditioner's refrigerants are pumped back while simultaneously checking that the amount of refrigerant is accurate. An air conditioner that is overcharged or undercharged with refrigerant will not perform properly.

Safer procedure for the air conditioning technician:

It should be noted that it is also a safer procedure for the personnel cleaning the air conditioning to remove the fan coil from the wall and disassemble it for a chemical wash. This is because they do not need to climb the ladder and handle the chemical solutions at the fan coil's mounting height.

It should be noted that the majority of air conditioning chemical solutions used today are alkaline base solutions that contain penetrants and surfactants, which can be hazardous to the skin and eyes.

Reduces the expense of maintenance:

Your unit's general health and functioning are enhanced by the chemical air conditioning cleaning, which reduces the likelihood of later issues. Additionally, it lessens how frequently you need repairs, which will eventually cost you less money.

Cleaning of each component:

The complete cleaning will reduce their friction, remove any accumulated obstructions, and allow them to function at full efficiency once more. Air conditioning parts like the compressor condenser, evaporator coils, bearings, and all others wear out over time and occasionally even freeze over due to the temperature.

Since the majority of the components in your air conditioning unit will be removed for cleaning, the technician will also check them for any extra wear-and-tear damage or installation-related injuries that could have occurred and prevent your air conditioner from functioning.

How can we serve you?

When an air conditioner is chemically cleaned according to best practices, the results are just as excellent as a comprehensive spring cleaning and air conditioner inspection. While completing a chemical cleaning, a skilled expert like us can identify any air conditioning faults.

You may get the best and most economical chemical cleaning for air conditioners from DC Aircon.

We charge around SGD 80 per AC for a chemical wash for a wall-mounted unit.

A cooling system can be cleaned chemically, eliminating dirt and debris that might otherwise build up or impair its effectiveness. Without endangering the machinery or anyone that comes in contact with it, the chemicals are made to clear away any filth.

Chemical cleaning is advantageous since it cleans the coils within your air conditioner of germs that may otherwise cause mold to form there. Mold will increase your operating expenses and cause your home to smell bad when the air conditioner is running.

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Some FAQs regarding AC chemical wash:

The chemicals have the potential to be deadly if misused or handled incorrectly, but the DC servicing personnel are trained, qualified, and experienced to handle the chemicals with the utmost safety.
To extinguish the AC and easily and effectively clean hard-to-reach areas, special solutions are blended.
Ideally, you should have a chemical cleaning performed on your air conditioner once a year to maximize efficiency.