What Is The Cost Of Aircon Chemical Cleaning In Singapore?

cost of aircon chemical cleaning

We all know that Singapore's climate is hot and humid all year. So, you need to maintain the aircon units with proper aircon servicing. Do you ever have a service of aircon chemical wash and aircon cleaning? But do you know the Aircon Chemical Cleaning Price in Singapore? If you don't know, then this blog will surely help you!

Many people get their air conditioners cleaned by using chemical wash every year. Cleaning of aircon units by chemical wash is beneficial to maintain the health standards of your air filters. In this blog, you will learn the various factors of aircon, chemical wash, or aircon unit cost in aircon servicing.

If you are unaware of the benefits of using chemical wash for aircon, here you will get some limelight. Let's start with the basics first!

What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Wash?

The chemical wash and chemical cleaning is the process of cleaning the internal parts of aircon units. Internal components include the aircon coil, filters, and fan blades. Always ensure that all the moisture inside the aircon units has been removed after completing the process. It is the best way to ensure that no mould spores develop in aircon for an extended period.

We all know the amount of dust and mud cumulated on the coils and fan blades of aircon units. The chemical wash removes not only the dust and mud but also the relics with the help of certain chemicals. You can't perform the chemical wash on your own. It requires special tools that allow you to reach the inner components of the aircon unit. So, it's advisable to use professional Aircon Services in Singapore!

What are the benefits of using Aircon Chemical Servicing Annually?

Yes, it can be possible by doing Aircon Chemical Servicing. The chemical wash on a yearly basis ensures the aircon will last longer without any problems. It means you don't need to deal with the constant aircon problems and breakdowns! We all want to not deal with the aircon frequent issues.

Sometimes the dust and mud accumulated inside the aircon will cause malfunction of the air conditioner unit. But the chemical wash process will remove all the dirt from the aircon. A professional team will use environment-friendly chemicals for cleaning that do not affect the air you breathe. The chemical they used is non-corrosive, which is perfectly safe for kids and pets.

It would be best if you don't do a chemical wash on your own; otherwise, it may cause a breakdown. As a result, it can be expensive if your aircon unit malfunctions multiple times within a short period. So, it's best to hand professionals the chemical wash and cleaning for aircon. They will make sure that your aircon will receive the best care!

What is the Aircon Chemical Cleaning Price in Singapore?

The Chemical Wash Aircon Price may vary due to other factors. If your aircon unit is quite old, it requires a professional cleaning service. You also have to ensure that the aircon unit is foreign or local. It's essential to select the service as per your model brand.

A foreign brand air conditioner has a complex structure and design compared to the local one. So it needs quite an attention.

If you want to know the cost of Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service, you should be aware of some factors. We are highlighting some of them:

  • If the company has a good track of record?
  • For how long they have been offering chemical wash servicing to clients?
  • What quotation are they providing for services?
  • What is the model of your air conditioner?
  • Is it a foreign or local brand unit?
  • How old your air conditioner is?
  • What is the size and capacity of your unit?
  • Where do you live in Singapore? (Certain areas that are more humid and wet climates are expensive)

Before selecting the one, you have to keep these factors in mind. Many companies provide a free service quotation so the customer can have a rough idea about the benefits.

What Types of Aircon Services are Required?

There are many companies in Singapore offering a wide range of services. You have to choose carefully which service your aircon requires.

We have curated the types of aircon services that help you to choose from:

One-Time Servicing

It can be done when the air conditioner unit just has been installed.

Tri-Yearly Servicing

This service brings peace of mind with aircon in better condition. If you don't want to spend much time and money on maintaining AC, this service comes in handy.

Quarterly Based Servicing

This service comes when considering one or two years of quarterly service.

Aircon Chemical Wash Service

The aircon chemical wash service cleans the unit thoroughly with a chemical for effective cooling.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

This process is more comprehensive as compared to the chemical wash service.

Get a Complete Range of Aircon Servicing with DC Aircon

DC Aircon is a leading company that provides the best Aircon servicing Singapore. We have a team of experienced and skilled technicians that fix all your problems at an affordable price.

We are mentioning the price of different types of aircon services:

Normal Service

Wall Mount or Fan Coil Unit

  • 1 Unit-$40
  • 2 Unit-$70
  • 3 Or More-$30

Chemical Service

  • 1 Unit-$80

(You will get a one-month warranty with this service)

General Servicing

Ceiling Suspend, Ducted, or Cassette

  • 1 Unit-$50
  • 2 Unit-$80
  • 3 Or More-$30

Chemical Overhaul Service

FCU Unit 9000-12000 BTU

  • 1 Unit-$150
  • 3 Or More-$120

FCU Unit 18000-26000 BTU

  • 1 Unit-$180

(You will receive three months guarantee after servicing)

You can contact our expert team if you want to acquire any service. Our expert team will provide professional advice on other brands and types of air-conditioning services available. Feel free to get in touch with DC Aircon specialists!

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