The Price and Advantages of Aircon Chemical Overhaul in Singapore

aircon chemical overhaul in singapore

When the air conditioner is operated for 8 to 10 hours a day in very polluted places, it is essential to clean the air conditioner often. There are times when you may question why your air conditioner isn't working as well as it used to, despite the fact that you've cleaned it well.

Eventually, the dirt deposits grow so hard to remove from the air conditioner components that it becomes almost impossible. You'll need to use a chemical wash at this point.

What Is A Chemical Overhaul Aircon?

Cleaning and reconditioning the air conditioner as part of an AC chemical overhaul. This is a thorough cleaning method that seeks to reach parts of the air conditioner that are difficult to access and hence do not get regular cleaning and maintenance.

For air conditioners that operate all the time with little to no maintenance, this is the ideal option with a low aircon chemical cleaning price. As a result, your air conditioning unit will benefit from an overhaul. An air conditioner's ideal operation may not be possible with normal cleaning procedures. This product may be able to assist.

Additionally, the air conditioner chemical overhaul takes things a step beyond the typical chemical wash. Water trays, coils, drainage pipes, filters, blower wheels, and heat exchange coils will all be thoroughly cleaned by us. Your air conditioner will also be thoroughly inspected by our specialist, who will look for any problems that need to be fixed. It's a task of cleaning and mending with our reasonable Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul: Is It Time For Yours?

A maintenance firm is less likely to be called if a person's AC unit is relatively new and has just minor difficulties. The recommended course of action is to schedule an AC chemical overhaul at least once every twelve months, if your system is used continually.

If your machine has been running for more than a year without a complete cleaning and maintenance, it's time to call for help. The experts advised that the services be conducted twice a year. Air conditioners collect dirt and grime over time, which may be difficult to remove using typical cleaning methods. In addition to a typical aircon overhaul, this procedure cleans your AC of germs, muck, filth, and dirt that have accumulated on different sections of the device.

If your air conditioner hasn't been serviced in a while, choose a competent and skilled technician to do this work.

The Advantages Of An Air Conditioning Chemical Overhaul

Those consumers who have neglected their equipment for more than a year will benefit greatly from an overhaul chemical treatment. The accumulation of dust, filth, and muck in an air conditioner may have a significant impact on its ability to perform various activities, such as heating and cooling a room or cleansing the air within.

Many Singaporeans rely heavily on air conditioning to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. However, using their air conditioners for long periods of time with no maintenance may lead to a variety of problems, such as strange sounds, water leakage, a lack of cold air, or even a full malfunction.

The unit continues to struggle, using more power while still underperforming. Hence, chemical overhaul services may assist in locating and resolving any problems. In addition to the above, the following are some of the advantages:

1. Corrosive Forces Reduction

The majority of Singaporeans get their air conditioners serviced to prevent corrosion. To avoid concerns such as corrosion of the fan oil, as well as others, this cleaning is performed as a preventative measure.

2. Enhance the Unit's Appearance

During the cleaning procedure, the air conditioner's components are thoroughly inspected and cleaned to eliminate any dirt and other debris that may have collected over time.

3. Check the refrigerant levels.

The technician will also check to see whether the refrigerant level is sufficient to keep the unit functioning well until the next scheduled servicing. It is possible to replenish or replace the chemical if it is low or if it has a problem.

4. Damage Reduction

As a result of the chemical revamp, most AC troubles may be avoided Since it's done throughout most of the unit, including the drain pipes and water tray, it may avoid chemical leaks and odours. Consequently, water leaks that cause blockages and corrosion are no longer an issue.

5. Conserve Your Money

A chemical overhaul treatment can improve the performance of your air conditioner. A well-maintained air conditioner may save you a lot of money. Your system's lifespan may be extended by cleaning and maintaining it. You'll spend less money on repairs in the future, and your house or business will be more pleasant to be in at any time of day or night.

6. Lowers the likelihood of respiratory infections

In order to reduce the likelihood of allergens entering your business or home via the AC, be sure to clean and replace the AC filters on a regular basis. To ensure that your indoor air quality is as pure as possible, you should plan for regular checkups and replacement of your filters.

7. Improved Pollution-Free Air

If the air conditioner's components are not cleaned regularly, dust and moisture in the air may collect and grow into dangerous microorganisms like mould. Residents will be exposed to worsening indoor air quality as a result of the growth of these organisms in this system. Air conditioner chemical overhauls may dissolve and eradicate these dangerous dust particles, germs, and moulds, resulting in improved air quality.

8. A Longer Service Life For The Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system remains in good working order thanks to the chemical wash's removal of system obstructions and the lubrication of aircon components, connections, and electrical thermostats. During cooling, it does not have to bear more weight or stress. Because of this, the air conditioner's lifetime is extended.

9. High-Quality

The air conditioning system may be completely reworked if all of its components are thoroughly cleaned. Because of this, the system's efficiency also rises. No foul odours and no system failures or water leaks are possible thanks to enhanced airflow.

10. Decrease In Risk Of Failure

When resolving air conditioner issues, chemical overhauling is essential. Damage or leaks might be repaired during this procedure.

To clean the air conditioner chemically, you'll need to use specialist chemicals and agents that can remove pollution while still being gentle on the air conditioner's internal components. No equipment disassembly is necessary with this procedure. Maintaining air conditioners in a contemporary home requires chemical cleaning and cleaning.

Lack of adherence to the water-chemical routine is the primary cause of air conditioner deposit formation. Specifically, these difficulties include things like filling the circuit with raw water, causing cold air to be regenerated too late or not at all, and incorrectly selecting cooling techniques in the air conditioners. When it comes to brand-name air conditioners, these factors may not have an immediate impact, but when it comes to less powerful models, they may have a devastating effect in a short period of time.


It is the safest and most efficient way to remove scale and other pollutants from air conditioners by using chemical cleaning. Because hard water is used as a heat conductor, scale is also created by human activities (personnel do not carry out regeneration, regeneration timer not set, etc.). As a consequence, the air conditioner isn't working to its full potential.

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