Is it Necessary to Service your Air Conditioning?

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Summer is just around the corner, and it's that time of the year again when you will start sweating, feel icky, and struggle to keep yourself hydrated. Summer is generally scorching, but in a tropical climate, like Singapore has, the temperature will go over 40 degrees, with high humidity and low airflow.

In such a situation, everybody's best friend is an air conditioner, and one cannot imagine surviving the summer without it. But imagine for a while that one night, you were all comfy and enjoying a good night's sleep when your aircon suddenly collapsed. The temperature will gradually rise, and you will wake up with your mouth dry.

You won't be able to sleep because of the heat, but your air conditioner will just not start. You will be fatigued at work the next day and have to take time out from your busy schedule and get professional help to check your aircon.

The professional will tell you that your air conditioner has broken down because you did not get it serviced timely, and it is better to buy a new one than to get your air conditioner repair Singapore.

You will have an unforeseen yet unavoidable expense at your disposal. You will squeeze your budget to buy a new air conditioner for a cost much higher than the aircon servicing price Singapore and will spend months on a budget because you were careless for just one season.

If this scenario is not enough to explain how necessary it is to get your air conditioner timely serviced, we are stating numerous other reasons down below to help you decide because we don't want you to suffer.

Reasons to get Aircon Serviced:

If you are expecting that we will write technical terminologies here and try to confuse you, that's not the case at all. Instead, we will state generic reasons that concern everybody in Singapore so you can make an informed decision.

1. Health:

Health is the primary concern regardless of who you are. We earn money so we can have a comfortable life, but what if the comfort we buy is a disease in disguise?

Well, an air conditioner is not inherently a trouble-maker, but it is just one step away from becoming one if you are careless.

If you don't get your aircon services regularly, it will cause bacteria and dust to build up in the vents. These pathogens will spread all around the house where there is air, and you will not even notice it until you start getting sick.

You and your family will develop respiratory issues, your immune system will weaken, and cough and sneezing will be a routine.

Servicing your aircon regularly ensures that your air conditioner is clean, hygienic and free of any buildups, so it only releases cool air and nothing harmful.

2. Environment:

Even though everyone is conscious of their family's health and nobody wants to let any harm reach them, at least knowingly. But if your health is not a concern enough, know that your aircon destroys the environment by releasing HCFs in the air if you don't get it serviced timely.

These HCFs are a leading cause of global warming, which is the core reason why you need to use an air conditioner. If you don't get your aircon serviced promptly, be certain that these air conditioners might become useless to keep your kids and grandkids cool when they reach your age.

3. Efficiency:

An air conditioner is a considerable investment, and operating it also costs high enough. When we spend so much on it, we should also get the maximum benefit from it.

But if you do not get your aircon serviced timely, you will be far from enjoying your machine's full potential. Your air conditioner will try its best, but its components just won't let it because they would have worn out.

It will not only compromise the performance, but it will also put a strain on the other components, causing further deterioration in both performance and quality. It will also make you more at risk of needing an air conditioner repair Singapore because it will stop working or just collapse if you don't get it serviced.

4. Energy:

The world is heavily dependent on non-renewable energy sources, and it is no secret that we do not have unlimited of them. It is our moral responsibility to make wise use of energy, and a non-serviced air conditioner will keep you from doing that.

Your air conditioner will consume more electricity than the results it will produce because most of the energy will go into worn-out parts. It will cause your bills to skyrocket while giving you little to no benefit.

As a result, you will not only be paying for more than what you are getting; you will also need to save up to buy a new air conditioner which costs much more than the aircon servicing Singapore.

5. Lifespan:

Getting your air conditioner regularly serviced does not only guarantee optimal performance; it also ensures that your aircon at least completes its lifespan, if not cross it.

Getting your air conditioner regularly serviced will keep all the components in their best condition, ensuring that all the systems work the way they are supposed to work.

As a result, your aircon will experience minimum possible wear and tear, enabling it to last longer. Additionally, you can also resell it for a handsome amount if it is in good condition and use the money to upgrade your air conditioner without any trouble.

6. Impression:

There is probably nothing that influences your impression in summer as much as your air conditioner, at least in Singapore. If your aircon cools fast and well, your guests and visitors will certainly be impressed, like you and spend time with you.

But just like fast and good cooling is not possible without servicing, not servicing your aircon gets you an unpleasant smell that makes it extremely discomforting to be in the environment.

Though you will not be the cause of that odour, you will still be judged for it because you did not get your air conditioner timely services. On top of that, you don't even have a problem with it and are fine with living in such an unpleasant environment.


We might not think like this, but after discussing these reasons, there is no doubt that air conditioner servicing has a more significant role than just cooling your room.

It can affect your health, harm your environment, damage your reputation, cause money trouble and reduce the benefits you should be getting.

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