Most Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid Before Getting Aircon Maintenance

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Taking care of your aircon is crucial, and there are a few things that you have to follow. If you are willing to ensure that your air conditioner performs optimally for as long as possible, then you will need to avoid some significant common mistakes. However, those mistakes, if continued for a long time, can lead to several issues. This is the reason why it is always recommended to take prior action.

Mainly the mistakes made by people are fairly predictable and also many times preventable, which includes choosing an oversized air conditioner and installing it without any professional help. These mistakes can be costly.

You might be surprised that the typical Singaporean household uses more than $150 in electricity each month. One of the leading causes of that expense is the air conditioning system they have in place.

These are some mistakes you should avoid to increase the lifeline of your air conditioner:

Even while there is no way to completely limit the amount of energy used by your air conditioning system, there are actions you can do to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible. The key is to carry out yearly preventative maintenance. For better repairing services, you can rely on commercial aircon servicing Singapore to access quality services.

Although it's important to maintain your systems, many homeowners neglect to do so. Here are some of the most frequent AC maintenance mistakes people make and what you can do to avoid making them yourself.

So here are the most common mistakes people make without knowing their consequences.

Purchasing An Aircon Which Is Too Big

Usually, people don't know the size of the air conditioner. In that case, the very first mistake that can be made by people while purchasing an air conditioner is the purchase of an oversized air conditioner. Air Conditioner Repair Singapore will help you get the perfect sized aircon for your home.

Most people think that a large aircon will offer them faster and more cooling air. However, that is not the case. If you purchase a more significant size air conditioner, it might not even reduce your room's humidity or cool it evenly. It is best to avoid these misconceptions relating to big air conditioners or even compact ones.

Make sure to select the right size. While choosing an air conditioner for your room, ensure to measure and consider the right dimensions of the space in which the air conditioner will be. You can easily select what air conditioner type and measure your space requirements accordingly.

Not Checking Your Filters

All air conditioning units bring in outside air, cool it, and then distribute the cooled air around your house. This ensures that the air is always clean. However, this means that dirt, allergens, or dust in the air outside your house could get inside.

Modern systems come with various filters to eliminate these pollutants. The filters will trap more dust and pollutants.

The average family should check and replace its filters every three months. Filters that are dirty not only reduce the air quality in your home but also increase the cooling effort required by your air conditioner. Adjusting your filters is the simplest way to guarantee that your air conditioner will function properly for many years.

Not Cleaning Your Air Vents

Your air vents may amass a lot of dust and debris over a year. When your air conditioner is running, the air is forced through the vents and into your home. Any dirt and debris trapped in the vents will be spewed into your home each time the AC system starts up.

You can clean your air vents at least once a month which results in high-quality interior being maintained.

The longer your air is clean, the less likely you and your family will suffer from allergies and other upper respiratory conditions.

Avoiding The Maintenance Of Air Conditioner

We all know that every electronic item requires regular maintenance. But most people take the maintenance process too lightly and fall with the risk of repair. It is very crucial to understand the worthiness of your unit maintained regularly. Regular air conditioner maintenance is the key to guaranteeing that your air conditioner will last for a long time. For that, you will have to clean the filter and the evaporator, a maximum of once a month. In this situation, you can also hire one of the best professionals who can guarantee you the services. You can also do the routine check frequently to consider the signals of any fault. Though it may seem like an extra cost to you, make sure to remember that the maintenance fees are always going to be cheaper as compared to the repairing services. So if you want your air conditioner to stay in your room for a long time, you will need a proper maintenance process to save more money.


Hiring a professional air conditioner service is always considered the best idea. It is essential to make crucial steps to prevent common mistakes from happening. In the long run, this will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

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