How much Do you Have to Pay to Service Your Aircon in Singapore?

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The price for an AC tune-up varies based on the kind and size of the unit you possess as well as any necessary AC repairs. You should budget between SGD 600 and SGD 1300 if your air conditioner needs a thorough tune-up. Waiting around for an AC tune-up might result in you not having cool air when the warmer months arrive.

Everyone is aware of how hot this nation can be, so having cheap aircon servicing Singapore nearby is a blessing. In Singapore, we truly depend on the air conditioner to keep our homes and workplaces at an exquisite degree of comfort. But if you handle it correctly and in the greatest way possible, it will benefit you. You must do any installation, service, repair, or maintenance that your air conditioner needs!

What Does an AC Service Cost Based on Unit Size?

Depending on the size of the unit, your AC maintenance costs will change. You'll probably pay the contractor less if the unit is smaller. You will need to set aside more money if the unit is larger.

Depending on the provider, the cost of an AC unit service for window units or small condo-size units can range from SGD 40 to SGD 650. Due to the necessity to maintain a bigger floor plan, tune-ups for HVAC systems in larger homes may cost more.

Your yearly AC unit inspection can set you back between SGD 450 and SGD 1000 for bigger units. The cost may go down if the contractor finds no issues with the unit, but it might also go up if significant repairs are required.

Things That May Determine the Price of Aircon Servicing:

A contractor's estimate may be impacted by a few more elements besides size. Age, climate, and the potential number of repairs that your AC unit may require are the key factors that may affect the price.

Age of Air Conditioner:

Your estimate will be heavily influenced by the air conditioner's age. There may be fewer replacement components available if you're still using the AC unit that came with the house in 1995. If your HVAC system is more than 15 years old, even little improvements may result in a bigger total estimate increase.

The weather where you live:

The more often you use your air conditioner, the more damage the system sustains. To ensure that their unit runs throughout summer, the warmer regions may discover that their systems require more frequent tune-ups than those of other states.

Treatment of the HVAC System:

The amount of maintenance your HVAC system requires depends depend on how you handle it. There are a few inadvertent HVAC errors that individuals do that might harm their air conditioners. Closing doors or blocking air vents with furniture might reduce the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. Find out if your contractor has any advice by speaking with them as well.

All air conditioner systems, regardless of size, will be serviced by our incredibly skilled technicians and management staff.  We handle anything, whether it's a slight annoyance with your home air conditioning unit, a regular check-up for the air conditioning system, or a major problem at your business.

Spare Parts for Air Conditioning:

The evaporator, condenser, compressor, and expansion valve are the four essential components of an air conditioner. The air compressor is the component that costs the most to fix or replace. It would be worthwhile to think about replacing the AC unit entirely, depending on how old it is. It is generally advised that this be done every 10–15 years. The cost of replacing other components, such as air filters, is substantially lower. Especially if you have dogs, this should be done at least six times a year to maintain clean air.

We solve all of your air conditioner-related issues so you won't have to put up with the heat for very long. We only use highly skilled and certified air conditioning professionals and only offer the best air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Service Quotes:

It's time to receive a quote if your air conditioner needs servicing. For every work or service, we usually advise receiving a minimum of three bids. This enables you to compare both the price and what is included. To publish the details of the task, use our function to get a quotation. Three local air conditioning experts will get it from us, and you'll have quotes sent right to your mailbox.


You can think about performing the AC system tune-up yourself if you're skilled at disassembling and reassembling devices and are knowledgeable about smaller units. DIY tasks that include little fixes like changing an air filter or a fuse are recommended.

However, you want to delegate more challenging jobs, like replacing a fan motor or fixing a refrigerant leak, to experts. Since refrigerant is poisonous, using it improperly might have negative effects if it gets on the skin or is breathed. You might be wounded if a fan motor starts operating abruptly while you're installing.

To know the aircon chemical cleaning price and other repair details, get in touch with our staff. We provide you with the most affordable estimates for our effective and speedy Singapore Aircon Service. If you're still unclear, you want to look at our client retention rates. It will persuade you to choose the finest for the durability and health of your air conditioning system!

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