What are the Most Common AC Problems Singaporeans Face? (Best Solutions)

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When our air conditioners have even small problems, we always call a professional. In this post, we'll talk about the most frequent AC issues we've encountered after purchasing air conditioners, along with the causes behind them.

Isn't it time-consuming to call customer service, describe the problem, schedule a technician, follow up, and then get it fixed? A hot chore throughout the summer, for sure! You'd be shocked to learn that most of the problems listed here have answers.

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Even after Having it Serviced a Month ago, the AC Doesn't seem to be Cooling you Down:

The majority of homes experience this.


One of the frequent issues that any family encounter is their air conditioner is operating yet there is no cooling impact.


The two main causes of an AC not cooling down are filthy air filters and a clogged drain. Clear the condensate drain and the air filter.

Does your Aircon leak?

When water escapes unexpectedly and leaves a massive stain on the walls, it's a nightmare.


Blocked drainage lines and defective condensate pumps may be the cause of water leaking.


If the problem is still there or if you see any damage to the compressor, you should call the expert immediately away. Try clearing the obstructions from the drain line and see if it fixes it. These flaws won't linger if you do routine maintenance inspections.

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Is there no Airflow While your Air Conditioner is Operating all the time?

The most typical issue in hot weather is this.


Continuous AC use damages the system's essential components, including the compressor, air filters, and thermostat. When it's hot outside and the air conditioner isn't working, this is the biggest problem anyone would encounter.


It's possible that the outside unit's fan isn't operating. Simple tripping problems need to be resolved. Or perhaps all you need to do is swap out the blower belt. Alternatively, your condenser pump reservoir can be full and require emptying.

What could make your Day worse than Hot air Blowing from your Air Conditioner?

This is a significant issue that might make your entire day miserable.


Getting consistent hot air from your aircon


Check the drain once again, then clean the air filter. Replace the air filter if the problems continue. Check the electrical pump as well; it may need to be replaced if there are any leaks.

Your Condenser Coil may be Frozen:

The paradox that the coil freezes while the room never becomes chilly


The AC coil has ice all around it, which makes the system work too hard to maintain the desired temperature. Any air conditioner works harder when it's hot outside, so coil freezing is common. Condenser units & dirty air filters are at fault.


If you have cleaning equipment, examine the condenser, ducting, and blower fan for any obstructions and remove them. If it is rusty, you need to replace it right away. You might significantly reduce your power costs by doing this.

The Unusual Odor from the Duct:

The entire room and the remaining furnishings begin to smell, not just the AC unit.


There can be a burning odor coming from the vents or the main AC unit as a result of wiring problems. Clogged air filters can cause the system to overheat and produce burning odors. If there is any more odor, the drain pipe may be the cause.


Disconnect the AC right away. Depending on the odors and problem, replace the air filters and the drain pipe.

The Aircon is Restating Repeatedly:

When the air conditioner turns on and off automatically, it frequently has a ghostly impression.


Because of a short cycle, the AC is not permitted to complete a full cooling cycle. It can be the result of severe power fluctuations or blocked air filters.


It requires extensive thermostat repair for the AC to operate at its best cooling capacity.

The Aircon is Tripping:

It typically makes a loud noise and uses more electricity.


The other fuse trips off each time the AC is turned on, which has an impact on your everyday routine. This relates to the installation problem; if you picked the least expensive expert, this may happen.


Always use qualified specialists to do the work. Don't try to save a little money just to lose more on subsequent problems like these.

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